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Kunming's Daguan Park

'Daguan' (大观), liturally meaning 'grand view', is a very suitable name for this park and its pavilion located at the northern tip of Dianchi Lake in Kunming's southwest. With a fantastic view over the lake and onto the Western Hills, it is nice to visit specifically during winter with loads of migratory birds.

In 1682, a monk named Qianyin built a small temple at this place in order to give Buddhist lessons. A couple of years later, Wang Jiwen, the governer of Yunnan Province, was attracted by the beautiful natural environment as well as the great views around and decided to establish the park. The Daguan Park today includes a variety of pavilions, rockeries, trees and porches for its visitors. It is a nice attraction and especially the Grand View Pavilion is a recommended place to go.

The Grand View Park has been rebuilt and restored several times due to the change of the dynasties and civil wars. The current three-storied pavilion dates back to 1883. At its entrance, the longest Chinese couplet (poem with rhyiming pair of lines) can be found. It is one of the most treasured cultural heritages in Yunnan Province and was written by the Qing Dynasty academic Sun Ranweng. The first part shall remind people to cherish what they have, describing the beautiful landscape of the Daguan Park. The second one is about Yunnan's past and raises awareness of no matter how successful or defeated one is, all will turn into voidness in the end.

Travel Information:

Transportation: By bus: Lines 4, Z13, 22, 52, 95, 100, 104, 124, 131 or 258. Get off at 大观楼站 (Daguanlou Station)

Entrance Fee: RMB 26 / per person

Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 -2 hours

Opening Hours: daily 08:30h to 18:00h


If you need more info on history and surroundings, book a tour guide with us. Also, if you prefer to be driven around town instead of taking the bus, please contact us directly and let us arrange your trip!