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54 of the top 100 World’s Highest Bridges are in Guizhou

Eric Sakowski is an expert on large and high bridges having visited hundreds all over the Globe but he spends most of his time discovering new bridge spans in China and documenting them through photography and an understanding of how the design and engineering are combined to create amazing structures that seem to float across the great gorges and mountains of Western China. His lifelong work on has been featured in The New York Times and Bridge Design & Engineering Magazine.

Today the Province of Guizhou is home to more high bridges then every other country on earth combined.

By 2020 Guizhou will have more than 250 bridges over 100 meters high as measured from the road or rail deck to the water. Compare that with Italy which has the world’s second greatest number of high bridges with only 40 spans exceeding 100 meters in height. Of the world’s 20 super-high spans that exceed 300 meters from deck to water, all are in China except for 3.” Eric Sakowski


Beipanjiang Bridge Duge

World’s Highest Bridge

1,854 feet high / 565 meters high

2,362 foot span / 720 meter span

An exclusive tour of the truss below the deck where you can experience the view of a bird floating in the air half a kilometer above the Beipan River is part of Eric Sakowski 7-Day Guizhou highest bridges tour July 1-7 and the 7-Day Yunnan bridges tour July 8-14.


Yachi Bridge

1,424 feet high / 434 meters high

2,625 foot span / 800 meter span


Balinghe Bridge

1,214 feet high / 370 meters high

3,570 foot span / 1,088 meter span


Malinghe Bridge Fenglin

1,194 feet high / 364 meters high

1,804 foot span / 550 meter span

“Few river canyons in the world have such a concentration of high bridges as the Maling River gorge in Guizhou Province China. Despite being located just a few kilometers east of the one million plus-sized city of Xingyi and Qianxinan, the Maling gorge itself has managed to retain an untouched, virgin feel with a fabulous collection of waterfalls and cliffs unequaled in mountainous Guizhou Province.” Eric Sakowski

Due to be completed in 2021, don’t miss the opportunity to see up close the Malinghe Bridge Fenglin at its most impressive construction phase where workers are completing the towers of a 550-meter span suspension bridge that will soar between two expressway tunnels 364 meters high. 

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