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Stone Forest Photo Competition

The Stone Forest International Photography Competition 2016 has begun and is proudly supported by Wonders Of Yunnan Travel and GoKunming


This competition shall specifically attract more tourists from foreign countries to Stone Forest with its unique Karst landscape and Yi culture. On Sep 19th, the opening press conference for the competition was held at Kunming's Sofitel Hotel, hosted by the Stone Forest Scenic Area Administration.


While the Stone Forest Scenic Area is already today THE major attraction of Kunming, it is mostly visited by domestic tourists. To also attract more visitors from outside of China, this competition is specifically addressed to tourists and photographers from all over the world. Besides raising more awareness to this unique landscape and culture, the photo competition shall also be a platform to share experiences and communicate about skills and knowledge on photography.

Best photes will be chosen in three different categories: Nature, Culture and People. More details about procedures and awards can be optained here.

For further information on the Stone Forest and related tours, please visit our website or contact us directly.