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Shirley Zeng
posted on Sunday, April 9th at 23:34

Having specialized on customized tours in Yunnan and China, we of course also offer certified tour guide services to our guests. While some travelers prefer to travel without, the majority of our customers chooses to be accompanied by a guide, and if it's for language purposes only.

Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, March 21st at 21:08

Fabio Nodari is an Italian travel blogger and photographer. Besides detailed travel stories and tips where to travel next, his website also shows a variety of perfectly shot pictures he has taken over the last years. Recently, he has also been to Yunnan and together with us explored the area. 

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, January 23rd at 01:34

After Yunnan has been conneced to China's highspeed train network beginning of this year, not only the country's east coast gets more accessible for us. Also our neighboring province Guizhou is now quickly reachable and is definately worth a visit. Check out our tours to Guizhou here!

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, November 11th at 01:52

Welcome to the second part of your Yunnan Tour Planner. Today, we focus on what's important to know when it comes to booking a tour in China. Do you need a tour guide and if so, what has to be considered? What means of transport are best when travelling in Yunnan? Find it all out here.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, October 21st at 01:26

Your next holiday is definitely approaching soon, isn't it? If you consider visiting Yunnan and Southwest China, have a look at our small Yunnan tour planner. What is important to know? What shouldn't be left at home and what kind of tour and travel services are suitable for you?

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, September 2nd at 03:07

PayPal is listed as one of our four different payment methods. As the quickest and often also easiest transfer option (only a credit card is needed), a lot of our guests use it particularly for short-term bookings. At the same time, the transfer fee is relatively high though.

Olaf Malden
posted on Wednesday, March 9th at 00:15

Welcome to the website of Wonders Of Yunnan Travel. We have changed a lot of content and design recently and are proud to present you our new layout, the newly arranged page for tailor-making your own itinerary and of course our newest tours!

Olaf Malden
posted on Sunday, October 25th at 21:17

Welcome to our new blog! From now on, we will post new information here on a regular basis to keep you informed about Wonders Of Yunnan Travel, Southwest China, local news and other related topics. 

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