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Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, March 21st at 21:08

Fabio Nodari is an Italian travel blogger and photographer. Besides detailed travel stories and tips where to travel next, his website also shows a variety of perfectly shot pictures he has taken over the last years. Recently, he has also been to Yunnan and together with us explored the area. 

Justin Wang
posted on Thursday, October 27th at 00:14

The old Naxi town of Baoshan Stone Village (宝山石头城) is worth a visit when you're around the area of Lijiang. Nestled at the banks of the Yangtze River (here known as the Jinsha River), Baoshan is home to about hundred families who have built their houses on a mushroom-shaped giant rock.

Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, April 20th at 19:35

Yang Liping is known for the creation of the Dynamic Yunnan Show dance performance. Now, her new show, The Sound of Yunnan (Chinese: Yunnan de xiangsheng / 云南的响声) will premier in Lijiang upcoming May. We provide some first impressions of her next master piece!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, April 12th at 01:46

About ten kilometers northwest of famous Lijiang Old Town, several ancient villages, including Baisha Village can be found. There, the invaluable Lijiang Mural is stored, preserved and displayed in 15 different temples. An extraordinary part of Yunnan's history!

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, March 27th at 21:50

Every year, the travel information site tripadvisor publishes a list of "The Very Best of Travel". While millions of travelers rate in different categories as destinations, beaches and landmarks worldwide, this year, Yunnan was well present with its hotels.

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, November 30th at 00:02

It's winter in the northern hemisphere and migratory birds head south. Some of them hibernate here in Yunnan. Many local wetland parks are the wintering grounds for birds from the cold north. Do as the birds do: come to Yunnan! And bring your binoculars.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, November 25th at 21:40

That Yunnan is a wonderful place is no secret. Also, the UNESCO found that out long ago and included 5 special places on its famous World Heritage List.These are the actual Wonders of Yunnan - find out more!


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