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Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, September 6th at 23:23

A couple of months have past again and we've been active on creating and publishing new tours. Ranging from one to 22 days and from Yunnan to Hunan province, we are proud to share today our latest China tour updates with you. Get an overview right here!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, August 17th at 00:50

Camping is getting more and more popular among many city dwellers, especially those who love outdoor activities. Having great options for mountain biking and trekking in the greater Kunming area, also several recommended campsites can now be found. Pack your bag!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, August 9th at 01:00

We are continuing our little diary series of Iva, the hiker from Australia, walking the same route, which British journalist Dingle traveled over 100 years ago. This third chapter covers the second half of June, in which she had passed Kunming and also finally dropped by our office.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, August 1st at 21:38

Many of our guests to Yunnan arrive via plane at Kunming Changshui International Airport before enjoying their stay in China's south-west. The airport is pretty big, so to ensure a smooth pickup by our drivers and tour guides, we list here how it works best and you won't get lost.

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, July 28th at 03:32

While Kunming is waiting for its proper subway network, the public buses around town are a useful alternative. For either one or two RMB per single bus ride, you will be able getting all over town, including most of Kunming's major attractions. Hop on!

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, July 21st at 02:58

The Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain or Pudacuo National Park - when visiting Yunnan, the one or the other might has been surprised when confronted with high entrance fees. We list up some free sites around Kunming for you. Enjoy!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, July 12th at 00:06

This is the travel story of Iva. Iva is from Australia, as one of our customers she made her way to China this summer to follow Edwin J. Dingle's footsteps. Dingle, a British journalist, made his way up the Yangtze River and then walked from Chongqing via Yunnan to Burma in 1909. A diary. 

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, June 27th at 23:31

The Torch Festival is one of the most important holidays of the Yi people in southwest China and is also celebrated by other ethnic groups of the region. It's celebrated on the 24th or 25th day of the 6th month of the lunar calendar, which usually corresponds to July or August.

Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, June 21st at 22:05

Kunming's metro system is very new and therefore still quite incomplete. While there is a metro station close to our office, many other people in town still are waiting for their direct underground connection. This is what our metro system currently has to offer.

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, June 1st at 02:50

The 2016 lists of the best summer resort cities worldwide were recently published. According to the jury, Yunnan's capital Kunming, now ranks on 3rd place. Nice climate and beautiful areas make Kunming more and more popular as a summer destination!


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