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Aaron Mao
posted on Sunday, January 24th at 19:04

At Kunming Changshui International Airport, choosing a shuttle bus to get transfered to Kunming's downtown or vice versa would be a cheap and relatively quick way. There are 2 different companies offering shuttles. Today: The Airport Express.

Olaf Malden
posted on Wednesday, December 2nd at 00:06

As a Kunming based tour operator we created an extensive and detailed Yunnan Guide on our website for you. We outline the most popular places to visit, give useful advice on how to travel and provide maps as well as details to topics such as local climate and language. Have a look!

Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, November 3rd at 20:14

Construction of Ninglang Lugu Lake Airport (宁蒗泸沽湖机场) has finished, and the airport was put into operation in October of 2015. It is now serving Ninglang Yi Autonomous County and Lugu Lake (泸沽湖).


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