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Christy Huang
posted on Monday, August 1st at 21:38

Many of our guests to Yunnan arrive via plane at Kunming Changshui International Airport before enjoying their stay in China's south-west. The airport is pretty big, so to ensure a smooth pickup by our drivers and tour guides, we list here how it works best and you won't get lost.

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, July 28th at 03:32

While Kunming is waiting for its proper subway network, the public buses around town are a useful alternative. For either one or two RMB per single bus ride, you will be able getting all over town, including most of Kunming's major attractions. Hop on!

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, July 18th at 03:07

Lugu Lake is a very beautiful place, roughly 200 km northeast of Lijiang by road. But it's exactly this road which still makes it very difficult to reach the remote area. Especially during rainy summer seasons like now, floods and landslides are a daily occurence!

Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, June 21st at 22:05

Kunming's metro system is very new and therefore still quite incomplete. While there is a metro station close to our office, many other people in town still are waiting for their direct underground connection. This is what our metro system currently has to offer.

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, March 2nd at 23:10

Following up our small series of Kunming airport shuttle articles, we today complete it with the bus routes of Airport Bus 919. It's the cheapest way to get from the airport into town or the other way around. Look for the big white coaches outside the arrival hall!

Joy Yang
posted on Friday, February 5th at 23:05

The high-speed train network in China is getting bigger: in Summer 2016, a new train line will connect Kunming in Yunnan with Shanghai at the east coast. The ride of over 2200km will only take 8 hours instead of the current 38. Get your thrill of speed!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, February 3rd at 23:05

Connecting many famous travel destinations in Yunnan Province, Laos and Thailand, the Kunming-Bangkok Highway is - despite cheap flight offers - a popular driving route among international travelllers. Go south, for 1900km! 

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, February 1st at 21:57

Kunming is Yunnan's major infrastructure hub. Besides Yunnan's biggest airport and train station, Kunming is also home to several long distance bus terminals from where day and night coaches reach about every corner of the province. Safe travels!

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, January 28th at 01:34

We reported about the airport shuttle buses the other day. At twelve of their bus stations it is now possible to check-in for one's flight already prior to arriving at the airport. Receive your boarding pass at one of the stations first and skip the procedure at the airport!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, January 26th at 20:03

The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese and other nations in Asia. People who work or study in other cities usually go back to their hometowns to celebrate this big day with their families. We hope you booked your tickets already.


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