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Justin Wang
posted on Thursday, September 22nd at 23:17

China's National Day, also know as the Golden Week, is just around the corner. From 1. to 7. October, banks, institutes and also our office will be closed. During one of the major peak travel seasons of the year, visitors to China should be prepared for crowds and prices higher than usual!

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, September 19th at 20:49

The Stone Forest International Photography Competition 2016 has begun and is proudly supported by Wonders Of Yunnan Travel and GoKunming. This competition shall specifically attract more tourists from foreign countries to Stone Forest with its unique Karst landscape and Yi culture.

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, September 13th at 21:51

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China is a harvest festival, celebrated during the eighth lunar month's full moon period. In 2016, this falls on 15th September. Public holiday is from 15th to 17th and also our office will be closed during this period. Enjoy your moon cakes!

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, August 29th at 00:37

Combined show and eating events are numerous and popular all over China. The Dish-Serving-Dances in Yunnan's Nanjian Yi Autonomous County is a bit different though. Dancing while serving their guests dishes, is an important etiquette of the local Yi people.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, August 12th at 00:38

Yunnan is famous for its richness in ethnic cultures and nearly every minority group in Yunnan celebrates its own unique festivals. Some events are famous all over the country and even abroad, others are still insiders' tips. But all are good reasons to visit Yunnan! 

Christy Huang
posted on Tuesday, July 19th at 20:55

The Hualian jie, how it is called in Chinese, takes place every year in Wenshan Miao and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, some 300 km south east of Kunming. It is an over 1000 year old tradition of the local Yi minority and a good option to get a face lift!

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, July 4th at 20:16

All year round is BBQ time in Kunming. So also we take the opportunity every once in a while to close our office, get together with our colleagues, families, friends, drivers and tour guides and heat the grill. Besides delicious food, also games were on the agenda. 

Olaf Malden
posted on Thursday, June 30th at 03:14

Yunnan is famous for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate - perfect for holiday and relaxation. But it's also getting famous for something completely different. Have you ever heard of 100k ultra marathons at elevations of over 3800 meters and other unique running events?

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, June 27th at 23:31

The Torch Festival is one of the most important holidays of the Yi people in southwest China and is also celebrated by other ethnic groups of the region. It's celebrated on the 24th or 25th day of the 6th month of the lunar calendar, which usually corresponds to July or August.

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, May 11th at 23:55

When you are visiting China, you should avoid travelling during the major public holidays. Many Chinese people use the holidays around Spring Festival, First of May and especially the Golden Week to travel through the country. Stay calm. And maybe even at home.


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