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Erhai Lake

Nora Li
posted on Friday, April 21st at 02:48

Some 60 km north of Dali Old Town, right between Dali and Lijiang, lies peaceful Er’yuan (洱源). The name Er’yuan liturally means the source of Er, so of the Er’hai Lake. With a nice climate and relatively small population as well as its abundant hot springs, Er’yuan still is an insider's tip.

Nora Li
posted on Thursday, April 20th at 02:27

Beginning of this month (April 2017), the government of Dali Prefecture decided to temporarily close down almost 2000 guesthouses, restaurants and bars bordering directly the lakeside of Er'hai Lake. The reason: environmental issues, waste water pollution and the protection of the lake. 

Nora Li
posted on Wednesday, March 15th at 23:54

Cangshan (苍山) is the high mountain range located just to the west of Dali. It is a popular local recreation area for the people of and visitors to the Dali region. To reach higher elevations conveniently, 3 different cable cars have been built along the range. A short guide of how to get up.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, January 6th at 00:50

Don't just want to enjoy local food in restaurants and look at sights while on holiday? Get active and use your stay in Dali biking along or around adjacent Erhai Lake. Various routes with different lengths can be recommended!

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