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Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, March 22nd at 01:40

We recently wrote about Kunming's blooming flowers and trees. But the colorful blossoms are not only nice to watch at, some of them can also be eaten. There are various dishes with a multitude of ingredients, here are 9 of them that you can find in local restaurants!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, March 9th at 23:11

The Buddhist culture in China is ubiquitous. So are temples and vegetarian restaurants. Only in Kunming, ther are already dozens of restaurants where all kind of meat is replaed by other ingredients as tofu and flour-breaded vegetables. And it does taste great!

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, January 18th at 01:29

Situated right south of Dali and the Er'hai Lake, Weishan City is still an insider tipp, a bit off the beaten track and at the same time relatively easy to reach. Once a year in spring, people from the area gather to celebrate and offer their 小吃 (xiao chi) - snacks!

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, January 15th at 00:38

Ever had insects for lunch or dinner? In Yunnan, it's actually pretty popular to snack them deep fried. We admit, it must sound strange to a lot of people to eat animals which one preferably wants to only get rid of. But give it a crispy try!

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, January 11th at 01:01

It's winter in Yunnan and when it's cold, hot things are usually warmly welcomed. The traditional hotpot is a popular and often enjoyed meal in Kunming and beyond to properly warm you while eating. Often spicy, never boring: enjoy!

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, December 17th at 23:56

This is not France, nor Switzerland. But also Yunnan has its cheese specialities. Looking like white pieces of tofu, 'Rubing' or 'Rushan' is a cheese made out of goat milk, produced primarily by the Bai and Sani people. Enjoy - either roasted or steamed!

Christy Huang
posted on Sunday, November 8th at 23:21

Yunnan, due to its vast variety of ethnic minorities, has a plethora of good food to offer. Yunnan's cuisine is a great mixture of dishes of the Han Chinese and all ethnic minorities in China, so it is difficult to make generalizations.


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