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"Dynamic Yunnan" Evening Show Discount Tickets (Kunming)


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"Dynamic Yunnan" is a worldwide famous, grand and original ethnic dance musical. It fuses the beauty of Yunnan's ethnic minority dances and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. A must see when in Yunnan!

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Wonders Of Yunnan Travel presents the famous dance show Dynamic Yunnan. The show is available at 20.00h every evening and lasts about 1.5 hours. If requested we can also arrange English speaking tour guides to join and transport services for pick-up and drop-off. Please note that the Arts Theater only accepts reservations of classes and cannot guarantee special seats.

The Show:

Chinese folk dance first appeared over 5000 years ago and is a by-product of long historical development and profound artistic culture. Its origin lies mainly in the movements and dance reflecting people's daily life, festival activities and customs.

Dynamic Yunnan is a worldwide famous grand, original ethnic dance musical. It fuses beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. Through the artistic director's reorganization and recreation of the essence of traditional songs and dance with the most classic style of folk dance, the richness of the culture of Yunnan minorities is born again on stage with startling effects.

An extraordinary sense of "Impression of Yunnan" (Yunnan Yingxiang) is brought to the audience through the exhibition of the clashed effect between the classic and original ethnic songs and dance and modern dance choreography. This is the first production produced, directed and choreographed by the famous dancer, Yang Liping.

Original characteristics of ethnic folk songs and dances
Real costumes and actual ways of life of the minorities of Yunnan province
Real bullheads, Tibetan praying stones (Mani stone) and Buddhist praying wheels on stage
Performed by 68 drums with the original ethnic beats and rhythms. Decorated with more than 120 unique masks in Yunnan minorities style
Around 100% of the performers are genuine Yunnan ethnic minorities who left their villages to participate in the troupe
Dynamic Yunnan's lighting, music and stage design together created a 3-dimensional, imaginative and surreal stage setting for the audience.



This is a grand ethnic musical performance that does not have a story line but inclusive of themes of all stories. This performance tells audience about the universe, nature, culture, the pursuit for the origins of life, the praise of life and the wish for everlasting life.

Yunnan, where one can touch the clouds and listen to the mountains, has a history for varieties of colourful dances and songs that is as spectacular as the "Merge of the Three Great Rivers". These original cultures are now facing the danger of falling victim to the encroachment of urban culture that is moving towards this "Secret Garden" and "Hidden Land". A light is put out as a piece of the culture is lost. A forest is lost as a tree is cut. Love for the preservation and protection of culture is not expressed by enclosed protection.


The goal of Dynamic Yunnan is to create an original, classical and experimental live folkloric dances and songs museum on stage.




Yang Liping, the famous performing artist, went to the roots of ethnic folkloric arts, took them apart and reconstructed them to develop a real artistic product with her brand new concept of life. She formed the concept based on over 30 years of experience in performing arts and her entire life; gathered over 60 highly capable aboriginal dancers and singers from the lost corners of the world over several years. These aboriginal performers dance for life. They use the enthusiasm from their hearts, dances from the union of their bodies with nature and natural vigour for celebration to create a powerful artistic force.




A precious art is usually a product that is the combination of the creator's irreplaceable emotions including blood, tears, feelings and love. As such, certain precious but unnoticeable things are saved and these things are actually the common experience of all human being.


Yang Liping's art of dance has once again enlightened society and culture through original, simple and realistic expression of true emotions. It fuses aboriginal feelings with the language of modern dance, exhibits all the highland minorities dance tunes on a modern stage, to create an extraordinary visionary effect. Only when this type of dance can cause echo amongst the audience, the broader meaning of art has acquired its true social value.





Plot introduction of Dynamic Yunnan

Prologue – Creation

I am fire. I am wind. I plant my soul in the drum. I keep the seed inside. Thunder booms. New blossoms spring forth. Arise. Arise. Arise in the spirit of the beat.

Chapter 1 Sun

Sun Drum (Jino People)

Barrel Drum (Hani People)

The Elephant Foot Drum (Jinpo People)

Bronze Gong (Wa People)

Cymbal Dance (Hani People)

Spirit Drum (Yi People)

Sun and moon chase from the east to the west without an end. Their track joined at the dawn. Men and women are together through life, connected upon the creation of the world.

Chapter 2 Land

Moonlight (Dai Solo Dance)

Song & Dance of Huayao Tribe (Yi People)

Matrilineal Lands (Dai People)

Though vast, the sky is but one stretch. Though vast, the earth is but one piece. Do not say the flora are mute. The myriad things all thrive for a reason. The ancestors tell me that the earth is the body of the first man. When I embrace the soil with my body, I awaken to the words of the ancients.

Chapter 3 Homeland

Tobacco Box Dance (Yi People)

Country Stomp (Yi People)

A plot of soil gives life to the endemic creatures. The original aborigines worship their plot of soil. Only our ancestors do protect us. If it is not our homeland, it cannot raise us.

Chapter 4 Pilgrimage

Tibetan Dance

Praying Wheel

Praying Stone

The pilgrims trudge along the path, assisted only their praying wheel. They measure the road with their bodies, and kiss the earth at every step. Though the wind howls and the sun burns them, though the snow and rain pound their bodies, their heart are alight with intense fire. Finally, they scale the holy mountain, and enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Epilogue – Spirit of the Peacock (Dai solo Dance)

Where are you dancing?

Spirit of the peacock

Lonely shadow in the moon

Feathers of the clouds

Where are you dancing?

Skirt twirling on the rainbow

Mystical dreams







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